Press Releases

  • 2022 Feeding Families Fund Drive
    September 26, 2022
    Fresno Madera Farm Credit and CoBank announced today that they have made a $30,000 donation to Central California Food Bank’s Feeding Families Fund Drive. The donation will provide more than 120,000 meals to residents of Central California who have been severely impacted by the pandemic and rising inflation. 
  • Want to explore the wide variety of California wines? Come to Oakland on August 21
    August 08, 2022

    When you’re a small, family-owned winery without a large advertising budget, the best way to spread the word about the quality of your wines is to have key influencers taste them. But since the 300 members of the Family Winemakers of California are located from Eureka to San Diego and many points in between, it can be difficult to get these influencers to come to you.

  • Students Learn about Commodities Grown Almost Exclusively in the Golden State
    July 07, 2022

    California’s farmers grow more than 400 commodities each year, making the state the nation’s breadbasket. And for 36 years, the nonprofit California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom has been educating students around the state that the nutritious and tasty fruits and vegetables they eat don’t just come from the supermarket.

  • Almond Alliance supports growers whipsawed by supply chains
    June 27, 2022

    Almonds may be California’s second-largest crop, bringing in $5.62 billion in sales in 2020, but almond growers feel whipsawed by two factors over which they have no control: water and supply chains.

  • Farm Credit Provided Nearly $900,000 to California Non-Profits in 2021
    March 21, 2022

    Farm Credit organizations serving California’s farmers and ranchers contributed $870,000 during 2021 to nonprofit organizations working to support the industry, preserve agriculture, and raise awareness of the importance of agriculture.